Guess what we’ve got?!   They are officially on order and will be here in one week!! #frozen #frozenmusic #chillyisgood #yayyyy!

Guess what we’ve got?! They are officially on order and will be here in one week!! #frozen #frozenmusic #chillyisgood #yayyyy!

Only until March 31st!

Welcome to the Spring of Savings!  We are kicking it off with a 15% Off Sale on Klaus Mueller Instruments and a 20% Sheet Music Sale!

Check it out!

An excellent review, and such an accomplishment for these young musicians!

Working on making the best website ever! #webguybrian #workinghard #southweststrings

Working on making the best website ever! #webguybrian #workinghard #southweststrings

#dontyouwishyouworkedhere #luthierstation #stringsgalore #insidelutherie #southweststrings

#dontyouwishyouworkedhere #luthierstation #stringsgalore #insidelutherie #southweststrings

Celebrating Luthier J’s birthday!  #happybirthday #insidelooklutherie #funtimes #southweststrings1

Celebrating Luthier J’s birthday! #happybirthday #insidelooklutherie #funtimes #southweststrings1

#cellos #beautifulcurves #southweststrings #tgif

#cellos #beautifulcurves #southweststrings #tgif

Welcome to Namm


A beautiful sky blue, balmy day in Southern California. The beginning of a three day journey through old friendships and what’s new in the music industry.


Even through classically trained and dedicated to orchestral strings, the drama of electronics at NAMM can not go unappreciated. Rhythm, lights everywhere.


A stop at KORG, a look at Hal Leonard and alfred publishing, then an in depth conversation with Robert Archigan at La Bella Strings. No one is more animated than former intelligence officer Mr. Archigan. He is passionate when discussing his strings, A true Italian with a great product.


John and Ellen Cavenaugh at Super Sensation are always gracious, knowledgeable and helpful. This year, they are promoting the new string “Pearl.” Their standard Red label is better than ever; a new winding good tone. An excellent choice for schools – as always. A NAMM constant – there are always crowds. It is a very popular show.

A quick dash over to Yamaha to see new items they had in store and to make sure we are on track to get our new shipments of their popular C40 Guitars. These are such sought-after instruments that we (and our ever-patient customers) have had to wait a bit for their guitars, but we are ensuring that we are prepared for the influx of happy Yamaha-lovers! A look through the booth promoting a carbon lifted violin, viola and cello was dazzling . A fabulous look, and even though there is no sound like good spruce and maple, we are always excited to see Yamaha innovations!

On to the electric scene.The cellist in the back gave the group a deep warmth, However, the lovely, hip violinists were center stage.


A moment in the lobby. A guitarist plays solo trying out a new instrument.Thats what NAMM is about. Listening – Hearing – Performing. Then on to Bam-Franc. Im not a cellist not oh my, oh my, I want that case.


An end to the perfect show, NAMM Disneyland its also about showmanship.


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The Best Price Promise At Southwest Strings

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"4" Reasons To Consider Violins, Violas or Cellos From Our Rental Fleet Sale

Once or Twice a year, at Southwest Strings, we have our Rental Fleet Sale. The prices of these instruments depend on cosmetic condition only, not structural integrity. As such, there are some real deal money savers offered at this time.  

If you have never shopped this sale you will want to know what instruments are put into our Rental Fleet and what the advantages are in such a purchase. Our rental fleet sale is made up of :  

  • Only new instruments that have been cosmetically damaged in shipping

  • Any instrument that has been rented through our National Rental Program and returned

  • Our brand instruments that have been traded in for any number of reasons.

As with anything, the condition of each instrument will vary. Rebecca, our head Luthier, evaluates each instrument for the structural integrity and documents any flaws. Photographs are then taken to visually portray the blemishes. If you can accept the blemishes, its time to move on and consider the advantages.

Advantages offered by our Fleet Sale:

  • An introduction to well established brands – Klaus Mueller, Hans Kroger and Yuan Qin at exceptional prices.

  • Upgrades at no extra cost. Often better strings, bows and cases are each with these instruments.

  • Earn SWS Rewards Points that can be used at a later date to purchase accessories, sheet music or other items you may need.

Good luck and may your experience be rewarding!